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Zachary. Oklahoma. Photography. J.Crew. Sweet Tea. Architecture. Antiques. Concerts. Mainly preppy, but a little bit hipster too.


*mobile blogs in front of computer*

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Just going to brag for a bit because I finished my law assignment 4 days before it was due and I typed over 700 words when the requirement was only 250 words.


10/100 Songs That Will Change Your Life 

To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra  

Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust
This is a place where I don’t feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home

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I miss judging people in the dark room with you & talking about music.



in the Rose State cafeteria surrounded by people I can’t stop judging.

Honestly, the highlight of darkroom.

Consider me in the cafeteria in spirit!


do you ever just want to listen to the same song for a week or maybe two

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